Page of Honor

This page is dedicated to those that have made the Miss Oshkosh Scholarship Pageant what it is today.

The family is requesting you make a contribution to a charity/non profit in Gert's name instead of sending flowers. If you choose, here is the information to make a donation to the Miss Oshkosh Scholarship Pageant:
Make check payable to: Miss Oshkosh Scholarship Foundation
Mail to: Gordy Lund 1317 Lamar Ave, Oshkosh, WI 54901

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Richard R. Lewis, 78, passed away early Thursday evening, May 29, 2014 of complications from treatments for myelodysplastic syndrome, a rare blood disorder.

A wonderful man to know and love. His pageant family will miss him. We are sending prayers to his wife, Mary Lou and other family members.


We are sad to announce that this is the last year both Leah and Tosha will be directing and producing
The Miss Oshkosh pageant. As I mentioned before, this is the 11th year Leah has directed and produced, but it’s her 15th year of involvement, including her days of competing. Leah is living in Chicago where she works as flight attendant for Skywest Airlines. Five years ago, Leah and Tosha became a team producing and directing. Tosha first walked on this stage as a contestant in 2005 and now, nine years later she is finally saying goodbye. She now lives in Los Angeles where she works in casting for RelativityREAL Media on shows like MTV’s Catfish, TLC’s Police Women, and GSN’s American Bible Challenge.

Although Leah and Tosha are sad to say goodbye, they know they’re leaving the pageant in good hands. Desiree is extremely qualified as she has held not only the title of Miss Oshkosh 2007, but also four other titles! She was the 2011 Miss Wisconsin preliminary swimsuit winner and a top five finalist for the
Past three years at Miss Wisconsin.

Congratulations to Gordy Lund for being recognized for 50 years as a volunteer for the Miss Oshkosh Scholarship Pageant! We are looking forward to the next 50!

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Marge Wahlgren. The Miss Oshkosh Organization appreciates all of Marge's hard work and dedication to the program through-out the years.

The Miss Oshkosh family remembers Miss Oshkosh 1997, Kristin (Tielens) Novaez. She and her husband were tragically killed in a motorcycle accident on Sunday, October 9th in Kenosha County. Kristin was a wonderful Miss Oshkosh and represented the city with grace. Kristin and her husband, David, were both beloved teachers in their community. Our thoughts and prayers go out to their families.







Dear Women’s Division Members, We lost a beloved former Miss Oshkosh, Kristen Tielens, at a way too early time in her life. The following is a thoughtful letter from her family with an important message:

Dear Friends and Family,

We are having a difficult time finding the words to express our gratitude for the generosity you have shown us during this most difficult time in our life’s journey. To be honest, overwhelmed would be the best word to express our response to the love shown from everyone reaching out in friendship and support. Your collective efforts to comfort us with either your gifts of prayer, food, flowers, monetary gifts (will be given to a scholarship fund), conversation, hugs, and attention to details to assist us through this time have made us feel so loved and supported. There are not enough “Thank Yous” to articulate how much this has meant to us. We want to share with you that Kristin was an organ and tissue donor. She had been a speaker for the past 19 years on this topic and has given presentations in three states, been in an operating room when a kidney transplant was being performed, and also spoke numerous times to driver’s education classes and throughout the state. When she passed, we as a family honored her wishes to give the gift of life. We let the transplant team do as they needed to better the lives of others through any gift she could give them. Kristin always said, “Why are we burying the solution to this problem? If everyone would sign the back of their driver’s license, and TELL family of their wishes, there would be a surplus of organs, and no one would die from being on a waiting list, with a need unfulfilled.” Within two days after her passing, we already knew of many people rejoicing for the gift she gave them. As a family, we are very comforted to know that part of Kristin continues to live on in others, and that even in death, she extended herself to others as she had in life. We would be remiss to fail to mention this, as Kristin no longer has a voice to continue this cause. We would welcome the opportunity to speak to any of you on this topic if you would like to learn more. Finally, we cannot stat enough how much we appreciate the reaching out that everyone has done. Please accept our gratitude and thankfulness for the kindnesses you have shown to support us, and to honor the lives of Kirstin and David. We will never to able to articulate how much that has meant, but can say this very simply, you have certainly made us feel loved, and we love you for that.

Sincerely, The family of David and Kristin (Tielens)Novaez


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