Oshkosh Area Women's Association

Upcoming Events:

  • March 3, 2018 at 7:30pm: The 2018 Miss Oshkosh & Miss Oshkosh's Outstanding Teen Scholarship Pageant

  • March 13, 2018: Board Meeting

  • March 23, 2018: The OAWA will be recognized at the Wisconsin Herd Basketball Game!

We are now accepting applications for the 2018-2019 High School Graduate Scholarship! This is a one year scholarship of $1,500 for Oshkosh Area School District students who will continue their education at a 2 year or 4 year college. Applications should be submited by March 31st, 2018.
Click here for the application and more details

Appearances by Miss Oshkosh 2017, Karis Fiedler
December 2...Christmas in the Air, EAA Museum
January 25...Taping of Oshkosh Today program
February 2..OAWA 80 Bites fundraiser, LaSure’s
February 3...Miss Door County Pageant
February 17...Grand Gala Event, Best Western Premier
February 18...Miss Madison-Capital City Pageant
March 3rd...Miss Oshkosh & Miss Oshkosh's Outstanding Teen Pageant

Appearances by Miss Oshkosh Outstanding Teen 2017, Zoe Rucinsky
December 2...Christmas in the Air, EAA Museum
December 11...OAWA Fundraiser at Culver’s
February 2...OAWA 80 Bites fundraiser, LaSure’s
February 17-Grand Gala Event, Best Western Premier
February 18...Miss Madison-Capital City Pageant
March 3rd...Miss Oshkosh & Miss Oshkosh's Outstanding Teen Pageant

If you would like to have Miss Oshkosh, and/or Miss Oshkosh’s Outstanding Teen appear at
your event, please contact Michelle Hammett at 252-2634, Sue Geffers at 233-5713, or Kay Lund
at 235-3554.

Board of Directors

Darlene Darrow 379-8546
Term: 12/31/18

Vice President:
Judy Britton 379-1446
Term: 12/31/2020

Carol DeLa O 410-6472
Term: 12/31/18

Linda Werner 420-7878
Term: 12/31/19

Board Members:
Sue Captain 235-1356
Term: 12/31/2019

Sue Geffers
Term: 12/31/20

Gordy Lund 231-2282
Term: 12/31/20

Kay Lund 235-3554
Term: 12/31/2019

Linda Rhode 231-9463
Term: 12/31/2018

Committee Chairpersons:
*Adopt a Family: Mary Berger 233-1411, Sue Geffers 233-5713,
Linda Werner, 420-7878
Collects cash donations and distributes Christmas gifts to families in need.
*Audit: Joyce Pollnow 420-2403 & Linda Werner 420-7878
Performs an annual audit of all accounts
*Brat Fry: Sherry Bellin, 303-1462
Organizes and schedules brat frys with Pick ‘n Save and members
* Budget: Joyce Pollnow 420-2403, and
Denise Griedl 426-4912/232-2260
Prepares annual year end budget report
*Bulletin: Linda Verwiel 231-4213 or jlverwiel@yahoo.com
Prepares newsletter to membership
*Charities Awards: Denise Griedl 426-4912 or 232-2260
*Community Days: Sherry Bellin 303-1462
*Constitution: Carol Reigh 203-2494
Gathers & reports all changes in Constitution, Policies or Procedures
*Historian: Carol Krueger 379-8673
*Membership: Cindy Knaggs 235-5180, Co-Chair: Cathy Steinert 426-2167
* Miss Oshkosh Pageant: Co-Chairs: Michelle Hammett 252-2634, Sue Geffers
216- 3564, & Kay Lund 203-2245
*Nominating Committee: Co-Chairs: Marilyn McCormick 233-0222,
Gordy Lund 231-2282, & Joyce Pollnow 420-2403
*Publicity: Linda Verwiel 231-4213 & Sherry Bellin 303-1462
* Reservations: Karen Rees 235-2844
Receives reservations/money for Quarterly Meetings
*Scholarship Co-Chairs: Nancy Crha 233-4016, Jaye Roeming 233-5712
*Style Show: Co-chairs: Joyce Pollnow 420-2403, Mary Berger 233-1411
*Around the World in 80 Bites: Co-chairs: Joyce Pollnow 420-2403, Judy Britton 379-1446
*Style Show Budget: Gordy Lund 231-2282
Prepares and maintains fund-raiser budget
*Sunshine: Ruth Vorpahl 231-6769
Gathers information regarding members & reports to the board for the newsletter
*Waterfest: Linda Rhode 231-9463
Schedules date(s) with Waterfest Committee and organizes
sign up for volunteers at front gate and parking lot.

Always be on the lookout for potential new members who would be willing to work on projects for the good causes we support!

Mission Statement:

Oshkosh Area Women's Association, Inc., is committed to supporting our community, charities and citizens. 


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