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  • April 22 - April Quarterly Meeting

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March - April Newsletter

April Quarterly Meeting

"Step into Spring"

April 22
Oshkosh Country Club
Cocktails will be at 5:00 p.m.
Dinner will be served at 6:00 p.m.

Slip on your stilettos and try to run over to the Oshkosh Country Club for the April 22 Quarterly Meeting Dinner….hosted by the committee: Ann Jungwirth, Arline Sitter, Clara Dorsey, Mary Westphal, Carole Loechler, and Betty Litjens.

Dinner will include: grilled mandarin orange chicken atop crisp greens, tossed with strawberry balsamic vinaigrette; topping off this delicious meal will be a dessert of rainbow sherbet with a cookie wafer.

Entertainment for the evening will be: Jen Jones of Fleur Couture, who will demonstrate how to make a springtime wreath.

Cost will be $20 per person. Please return your RSVP form below along with your payment to Karen Rees, 1709 Algoma Blvd, Oshkosh, WI 54902 , no later than April 15.


Please send your 2014 dues of $15 to Cindy Knaggs, 2406 Hickory Lane, Oshkosh 54901


We are always trying to think of new ways to raise money for area charities. If you have any cool ideas for the Board to discuss, please call one of them with details.

Fall Style Show

We had a wonderful turn out. Thanks to everyone that came out to support.

Please send any questions you have to Jaye Roeming at 2350 Kincaid Ave., Oshkosh 54904 or e-mail jlroeming@gmail.com







Our chosen brat fry dates are: Friday, April 25, Saturday, April 26, and Sunday, April 27 at Pick & Save North. Please call either Gloria Miller at 235-1914 or Sherry Bellin at 303-1462 to sign up for one of the shifts. All help is needed and greatly appreciated! We desperately need workers for Sunday...all shifts.



Please call Linda Rhode at 231-9463 or sign up at April Quarterly meeting for working at Waterfest on July 26.





Congratulations to our new Miss Oshkosh: Samantha Pech!

Platform: Anti-bullying
Parents: Christin & Tom Pech
Currently attends FVTC and will be attending U.W.O. in the Fall.
Works at Olive Garden & Crosby Dance Studio

Thank you To Directors, Desiree Geffers & Kelsey McDaniels for a fantastic job! From Gert.

Thank you To all members & volunteers who helped make this the best Miss Oshkosh Pageant…...ever!
Gert Schultz.


March 10...Miss Fond du Lac Pageant
March 15...St. Patrick’s Parade Downtown Oshkosh
March 22..Miss Harbor View Pageant
April 12...Paine Style Show
April 22...Women’s Division Quarterly Dinner
April 23...C.P. Style Show
April 25...United Day of Caring
April 26...Suicide Awareness Run/Walk
April 30...Trinity Luth. School World Book Day

If you would like Miss Oshkosh to appear at your event, please contact Gert Schultz at 235-5068. She is a great ambassador of Oshkosh! Chelsey does a beautiful job and enjoys speaking with people!

Thank you!
Gert, Gordy, & Marilyn

Name Badges

Anyone wishing to order a name badge, please contact Mary Berger at 233-1411. We have special pricing at $6.50 each if we order at least three at a time. They are nice badges with the magnetic backing. It is professional looking and shows we mean business when we are working one of our fundraisers and are wearing our name badge.

All members and extra volunteers are encouraged to wear a Women’s Division t-shirt while working some of our summer fundraisers. Sizes L, XL, and 2XL are available at no charge. The t-shirts are part of our publicity efforts to let everyone know who we are while we are working. Please contact Sherry Bellin at 303-1462 or sebellin@sbcglobal.net




MARCH/APRIL: Sue Reinhardt, Ruth Olejnik, Rosemary Sammons,
Ruby Bloom, Nancy Samida, Denise Griedl, Gloria Miller, Joyce Pollnow, Sylvia Karow, Cindy Knaags and Kelly Standke.

Happy Birthday Ladies!




Always be on the lookout for potential new members who would be willing to work on projects for the good causes we support!


NOTICE: DUES are now $15.00

Please return your dues and application form to:
P.O. BOX 3401
OSHKOSH, WI 54903-3401

Name: ___________________________________________________________________________
City/zip: _________________________________________________________________________
Birth month/day:___________________________________________________________________
Phone: home:________________work:_________________cell:_____________________________
Email: home:_________________________________work:_________________________________
I would like to serve on the following committee(s):
Audit___ Brat Stand___ Budget____
Charity___ Constitution___ Membership______
Newsletter___ Nominating___ Miss Oshkosh_____
Publicity___ Board member____ Reservations/Calling_______
Sunshine___ Scholarship___ Waterfest____
Adopt A Family______
I am available as a speaker/program ____________________________________________________
My interest and hobbies include________________________________________________________
I would like to make the following suggestions: ________________________________________


Joey McKay-Neumann will be having surgery on March 27 in Arizona; we wish her well and a speedy recovery.

If you know of any of our members who could use a card expressing our sympathy, congratulations, encouragement or just good wishes, please contact Gert Schultz at 235-5068.




Future Board Meetings:

April 8...Becket’s

If you are unable to attend, please contact
Judy Britton, 235-2548.




Any event that members of the Women’s Division sponsors is an opportunity to tell the public who we are and the important work that we do. We ask that if you are working at one of the events, that you wear the T-shirt and /or the name tag. If you do not have them, please order as soon as you can by contacting Sherry Bellin at 303-1462. (T-shirts are in lady's sizes).



Photo Gallery Links



Photo Gallery 2008/2009 - Click here

Photo Gallery 2010 - Click here

Board of Directors

Judy Britton
Term: 12/31/2013


Vice President:
Marilyn McCormick
Term: 12/31/2015


Joyce Pollnow
Term: 12/31/2015
Sue Geffers
Term: 12/31/2014


Denise Griedl
Term: 12/31/14


Board Members

Rose Metz
Term: 12/31/2015

Mary Westphal
Term: 12/31/2014


Nancy Crha
Term: 12/31/2016


Committee Chairpersons

Adopt a Family:

Gloria Miller 235-1914
Mary Berger 233-1411
*collects cash donations and distributes Christmas gifts to a family(s) in need. Program through Salvation Army


Karen Rees 235-2844
Pat Saft 231-6128
*Performs an annual audit of all accounts

Brat Fry:

Gloria Miller, 235-1914
Sherry Bellin, 303-1462
*Organizes and schedules brat fry’s with Pick ‘n Save and members


Joyce Pollnow 688-2661
*Prepares annual year end budget report


Linda Verwiel 231-4213 or jlverwiel@yahoo.com
*Prepares newsletter to membership

Charities Awards:

Denise Griedl 426-4912 or 232-2260


Carol Reigh 231-6599
*Gathers all changes in Constitution, Policies or Procedures and prepares an annual update to be presented to the membership at the annual meeting



Carol Krueger 582-8634


Cindy Knaggs 235-5180
Co-Chairman: Cathy Steinert 426-2167
*Maintains membership

Miss Oshkosh Pageant:

Chairman: Gert Schultz 235-5068
Co-Chairman: Gordy Lund 231-2282
Co-Chairman: Marilyn McCormick 233-0222

Nominating Committee:

Co-Chairs: Joyce Pollnow 688-2661/420-2403,
Jaye Roeming 233-5712, Judy Britton 379-1446/235-2548


Sherry Bellin 303-1462
Linda Verwiel 231-4213
Karen Herrman (Web site) 216-2608
*Contacts newspaper on upcoming events


Karen Rees 235-2844
*Receives reservations/money for Quarterly Meetings


Co-Chair: Nancy Crha 233-4016
Co-Chair: Jaye Roeming 233-5712

Style Show:

Co-chairs: Joyce Pollnow 688-2661, Mary Berger 233-1411
*Organizes the annual fall style show
Style Show Budget: Gordy Lund 231-2282
*Prepares and maintains fund-raiser budget


Gert Schultz 235-5068
*Gathers information regarding members and gives report to the board for the newsletter


Linda Rhode 231-9463
*Schedules date(s) with Waterfest Committee and Organizes sign up for volunteers at front gate and parking lot.



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Mission Statement:


The Women’s Division of Oshkosh Area, Inc., is committed to supporting our community, charities and citizens. 


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